Advantages of Online & Mobile Banking

Online and Mobile Banking have taken the banking world by storm. More and more people are accessing their banking information through their computers or smart phones! How convenient is it that you can check your account wherever and whenever you want? You can make check deposits by snapping a picture, transfer money easily between accounts, and receive your work check through direct deposit. Here are some advantages of Online and Mobile Banking:


1. Enhanced security

Access to your banking information is protected by multiple protection layers to keep your personal data private and prevent unauthorized access. You can set up face or fingerprint recognition for an added layer of protection. You can also turn on two or three step verification where you'll be asked for a security code and/or security question when you log in. Though it may seem annoying and redundant, it's best to have this to protect your account.

2. Instant access 24/7 & Convenient

No more waiting in long lines at the bank or taking extra time on your lunch break to check your account or deposit checks. You can enjoy a full range of services from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You have full access to your bank account on your phone when you download our FREE Mobile App. You can easily transfer money between accounts, pay friends and family with Bill Pay, or transfer money to an external account.

3. Pay Bills or Send Money

You have access to Bill Pay, an automatic service available through Mobile and Online Banking that pays your bills on time. Schedule a payment a few days before the payment is due and relax. We'll pay your bills for you on time. Take advantage of this service to pay your friends and family as well in a safe and secure manner. You can also make loan payments! Never miss a payment with our Bill Pay feature.

4. Automatic Savings

When you sign up for Online and Mobile banking, you can set up automatic savings. Select a recurring date and amount you want transferred from your checking to your savings and rest easy knowing you're saving for the future. 

5. Mobile deposits

You can make check deposits safely, securely, and without having to visit a branch or ATM! Simply sign up for Remote Check Deposit, snap a picture of your endorsed check, and deposit it to your chosen account without having to make a trip to a branch. (Checks will reflect on your account on the next business day. If a check is deposited on a Friday, the check will reflect on the next business day). You can also receive a direct deposit from your job and access it on the same day!

6. View statements

Get immediate access to your bank statements for your tax or personal records through Online Banking. When you sign up for e-statements, you don't have to worry about losing your statement in the mail or at home and reduce clutter at once!

7. Monitor fraud

You can set up alerts to be notified by text, email, or phone if your financial institution suspects fraudulent activity on your account. By setting up notifications on your account, you can also be in the know with the latest transaction and balance activity on your account. When you make a purchase, you'll be notified on your phone or email that a recent transaction was done. You can rest easy knowing that your bank alerts you when your card is used anywhere. 

How to Protect Online Financial Information

Online and Mobile banking makes handling your finances easier and more convenient, but it is important to make sure that you're protecting your financial information. Here are some ways you can protect your accounts:

  • Build strong passwords for your accounts and make them all different. 
  • Create passwords that are hard to guess and include a combination of numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Avoid using names, dates, or common words that are easy to guess.
  • Be weary when using public Wi-Fi. When you connect to public Wi-Fi you're putting your personal information in danger because these public networks are not always secure. They're very convenient and keep you from using your phone data, but always be careful when using it. For more tips and information on using public Wi-Fi access, please visit
  • Use your phone's data network if you can't verify that a public Wi-Fi connection is secure.
  • Be cautious when connecting to Bluetooth. Bluetooth makes it easier for you to connect your phone with other devices, but, it also makes it easier for thieves to steal your personal information. If you connect to Bluetooth, make sure it's in a private, uncrowded area and don't forget to turn off Bluetooth when you aren't using it.
Online banking is a quick and secure way of accessing your accounts from the comfort of your own home. No more pesky trips to the bank during rush hour when everyone is making a deposit. Save time and gas when you sign up for Online Banking.