How to Save on Your First Set of College Textbooks

The National Association of College Stores estimates that college students spend around $80 on EACH new textbook. Some textbooks like science, engineering, or medical books, can cost you around $175! Crazy, right? This is all for a textbook you will only use ONCE and we're sure you'd rather spend that money on something else. Read on to find out how you can save on your first set of college textbooks.


Colleges will do everything they can to get you to shop at their bookstore. They make profit from there, so why wouldn't they? The bookstore is easy because you can pick up your textbooks a day or two before you need them, but they're not cheap. So look online a few weeks before classes start so you can save money. 


New textbooks are expensive, and why even bother buying an expensive new one when you'll only use it once? Look at Amazon or Chegg to see if you can get used books for your class at a lesser price. Chegg is great because they give you free coupons, gift cards, and snacks when you order from them! Amazon gives you the option to buy new, used, or rent, and frankly, the used textbooks are still new! They're labelled as "used" because someone might've highlighted something or jotted some notes down, but either way, they're cheaper AND you get free notes. Used literature books sell for as low as $0.25! Would you rather buy a new $25 book or a $0.25 book? 


You can save up to 90% when you rent a book, and you know we all love a great deal. With a renting option, you can use your books for the allotted time and return them when the semester is over. This saves you money AND space. However, make sure you return your books on time to avoid those late fees!


If your professor allows electronics in the classroom, opt for a digital version of your textbook. Since these don't have to be printed, they cost less. Always check with your professor before you buy a digital copy of your textbook because most professors don't allow electronics in class. Also, make sure the digital version is the same as the hardcopy version.


Move in day was a couple of days ago and now you're preparing for class, but you still don't have your books! Head down to your school's library and check to see if they have a copy of your textbook or literature book, you never know what you'll find. These books are free and you can check them out for as long as you need. 

Before starting classes, make sure you have access to your syllabus. Most professors put out their syllabus a few weeks before class starts to give their students time to prepare and get all the necessary materials for class. Buy your textbooks from Chegg or Amazon, and compare prices. And as always, AVOID THE BOOKSTORE!