Living rooms… We spend so much time in them that neglecting to update it would be a mistake. It would also be a mistake because you would be missing out on so much added home value! We have researched the best ways to update your living room to add value to your home, and don’t worry... read more

 Do you want to sell your house, but you’re not having any luck? The value is not the same as when you first bought it and there are plenty of factors that play into that. If you want to sell, you need to fix your home up a bit to add some value! Lucky for you, we have gathered some helpful tips... read more

Tax Return Different From What You Were Hoping?

Hoping to get a refund from your tax return? Many people intend to use their refund as a “forced savings plan” (essentially withholding extra taxes on purpose so that they get a larger refund at the end of the year, instead of being tempted to spend it during the year)... read more

Getting A Home Mortgage 

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life, and it can be exciting and stressful. So, before you start driving around and looking for your dream house – get prepared and pre-qualified. Knowing what you want and what you can afford, and understanding... read more

Credit Union Rates with Rebate Can Beat The Dealer’s 0% Financing

Take the rebate and save with a loan from NHCU. If you’re offered the choice of a rebate or the dealer’s 0% financing, choose wisely. Financing the lower amount with a low rate loan from NHCU could cost significantly less... read more

Protect Yourself Against Fraud 

Fake debt collection, identity theft and impostor scams are topping the list of fraud reported. There were nearly 350,000 reports of impostor scams last year, which resulted in $328 million unrightfully paid to individuals posing as loved ones, government officials... read more

Back to School On a Budget

It’s almost that time again! Can you believe it?! We are already getting prepared to go back to school here on the Gulf Coast and we all know what that entails. Money. And lots of it. No matter the size of the family, getting ready for school can be expensive for everyone... read more