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Technical Support



Please review our recommended safety practices when using you online accounts.
Recommended Safe Online Banking Practices


Online cyber thieves are using multiple methods to steal your identity and your money. Use these tips to help protect you and your family.
Tips for Staying Safe and Secure Online



As of August 3, 2015 New Horizons has a new online banking system.


E-branch Online Banking Upgrade FAQ


We've listened to you and we are upgrading online banking!

Here are a few basics about the upgrade.


*IMPORTANT* After you enter your username and click login, you will be redirected to our new online banking hosted by Jack Henry & Associates. This is a legitimate site.


Why is New Horizons Credit Union upgrading online banking?

To provide you with more features and benefits that will allow you to do many of the things you've requested we provide via our online banking platform, such as:


  • Viewing holds on accounts
  • Reset your online banking password using the forgot your password feature
  • Initiate stop payments on checks
  • Download your transactions in a variety of formats
  • Set up a dashboard for all your accounts
  • Set up e-mail alerts for your accounts
  • View loan payoffs
  • Update personal information such as e-mail address, phone number, etc.
  • And much more!


What will change with the upgrade?


The appearance of the home page will be slightly different. You will have the ability to personalize the home page so you can see the information that matters the most to you and access some great enhancements to the functionality of the site.


How will I be affected by the upgrade?

You will still access online banking from the same place as before (our main website

Your username and password will remain the same. To change your username and/or password, just login to online banking and click on settings on the menu bar. Look for the modify login information section towards the bottom of the page. Should you change your username and password, you will use these to log into both online and mobile banking, just as before.

Upon your first login you will be asked to set up your challenge questions again. We are not able to import your current challenge questions as a security precaution.

You will also be asked to provide your phone number again.


If you have any other questions regarding the upgrade you may call our Call Center at 251-316-3240 or (800) 824-3610, Monday through Friday 8:15am-5pm.



Supported Browsers include: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. The last 3 major release versions of each of these browsers will be supported.


Having problems with Bill Pay or e-statements since the change?

First make sure you are allowing pop-ups from the online banking website. If it still won't open try putting your browser in compatibility mode.



Why is Online Banking asking me to reselect my security questions and supply a contact phone number?

Additional Security for Online Banking


Why does Safari send me back to the main log in page when I try to access Bill Pay?

Safari Preferences for Bill Pay


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