Tips for a Successful Beach Vacation

Living near the beach means plenty of beach trips! Whether they be day trips, weekend trips, or week-long trips, being prepared for a beach trip is always necessary. We’ve gathered some tips to help you have a pain free and successful beach trip for the whole family.



Being prepared for sunburns, cuts, headaches, or any other type of emergency is crucial! Whether you’re going to the beach for a day or a week, bringing essential items like Aloe Vera, a first aid kit, ibuprofen, ice packs, and plenty of water is always a good idea. When you’re prepared for emergencies, you can avoid a trip to the emergency room, and avoid stressing. 


You cannot go to the beach and not have anywhere to sit on! Yes, there is the sand and it’s pretty comfortable, but you’re going to get tired of the sand pretty quickly. Always bring a comfortable chair, plush beach towels, or a beach mat to sit on. Being comfortable is key to a successful beach vacation.


Skin cancer is on the rise, and you need to protect yourself, the sun is not your friend when it comes to the beach. Bring plenty of sunscreen for you and your family, and make sure to reapply! When you get in the water, your chances of getting a sunburn increase. So, wear a hat, put on some sunscreen, and if you have an umbrella, be sure to sit underneath it! If a sunburn does occur, you have the Aloe Vera to help soothe the pain.


Bring all the snacks, especially if you have children! Pack a bag with plenty of healthy snacks for you and your family to enjoy at the beach. Always bring a trash bag and make sure to pick up any trash! We can enjoy the beach all we want, but we have to be respectful towards nature and its inhabitants.


Sand is the glitter of nature. It gets everywhere and will stick to you like glue! That’s why bringing a beach bag that doesn’t collect sand is crucial! Bring Ziploc bags for items that you don’t want to get wet or sandy and bring trash bags for easy clean up. If you’re bringing plenty of beach toys and other essential items, bring a beach cart!

These are only a couple of tips to help you plan a beach vacation. It's always essential that you stay safe while having fun. So what are you waiting for? Plan that trip!
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