Savings Accounts

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New Horizons Credit Union's regular savings account is referred to as a prime share account because, as a member, you share in the ownership of the Credit Union. And, as an owner of the Credit Union and as a member in good standing, you may participate in the Credit Union's Annual Meeting of the Membership and vote for officials who serve on our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.  Plus, your membership offers other benefits, and your money works harder for you at New Horizons Credit Union.

Thanks to the not-for-profit structure, our prime share savings, and other deposit accounts generally earn higher rates of return than similar accounts at for-profit financial institutions. As a not-for-profit, we don't have stockholders to pay like a bank, we return profits to members like you — through higher savings dividends, lower loan rates, and many no-cost electronic services. 

Below you will read about various types of Savings Accounts.  To join the Credit Union, you must qualify for membership and begin by opening a Prime Share (Savings Account).  Minors wishing to establish membership must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  After the Savings Account is opened, you may elect to sign up for other types of accounts, loans, and services. Below is a list of saving options, and make sure to visit our Certificate, Money Market, & IRA web page for other deposit accounts. 

Prime Share (Savings Account)

By opening a prime share at New Horizons Credit Union, you are establishing membership with NHCU and can take advantage of all that the credit union has to offer, including any one of our free Checking accounts or low rate loans! An initial deposit of $25 will establish your account and your ownership. (This is not a fee.) Dividends on your share account are calculated daily and posted monthly. Dividend rates are reviewed by the Board of Directors periodically and are subject to change. These rates are posted in the Credit Union and on this site under Savings Rates.

You may, at any time, add a joint owner to your share account, thereby giving another individual access to your savings account. The joint owner has rights of survivorship on a share account, but is not entitled to membership privileges. Joint owners who are eligible for membership are encouraged to open separate accounts with the Credit Union. A Share (Savings) Account is subject to the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation D* regarding transactions on the account. 

Christmas Club Accounts

Make saving for Christmas that much easier with our Christmas Club account. Open a Christmas Club Account with any amount and make deposits as often as you wish. Then, watch your deposits grow on this dividend bearing account.

The first week in November, you will receive a deposit into your primary account for the balance held in your Christmas Club account so you can get your holiday shopping underway. Deposits to keep an existing Christmas Club account opened after the annual, November balance transfer, can be made by an account transfer, over the phone or at any branch, automatic payroll deduction, transfers through Online & Mobile Banking, and deposits sent via mail. If no deposit is made in the 12-month period following the annual November Christmas Club funds transfer to Shares, the account will be automatically closed. But, be assured, the account can be reopened by contacting our Member Services Center at 251-316-3240 or by visiting any of our branches. Note: Withdrawals made from a Christmas Club Account prior to the November balance transfer date will incur an early withdrawal fee as posted on our Fee Schedule. 

Vacation Saving Account

We make saving for that dream vacation easy with our Vacation Savings account. It works similar to our Christmas Club account. The only difference is you can access your funds and make transfers at any time. The funds you deposit stay in the account earning dividends until you are ready to use. Note: If there are no transactions in a 12-month period, the account is subject to closing if there is a $0 balance. And, if there is a balance, but no transactions in a 12-month period, the account may be subject to dormant account fees as posted in the Fee Schedule.

New Wave Savers Youth Account 

With a New Wave Savers Youth Account, our young members establish a savings account and learn about financial literacy.  New Wave members and those wishing for more information on New Wave Savers Youth Account can click here for access to fun links and New Wave member news and events.

America Saves Program

New Horizons Credit Union participates with the National America Saves Program which holds an annual pledge program for members wishing to take the pledge to a saving and budget plan. There is no cost to participate and have access to resources that are designed to help encourage saving. The annual, national pledge program is held the last week of February, but can be done anytime throughout the year. For more information, visit

*Understanding Regulation D

The Federal Reserve Board regulation known as Reg D puts a limit of six transactions per month on certain transfers and withdrawals from a savings or money market account.  This regulation ensures that financial institutions have the proper amount of reserves on hand and encourages people to use savings accounts as they are intended: to save money. These types of transactions include online transfers, transfers made by phone, ACH or preauthorized transfers such as bill payments, overdraft transfers, and transfers made by check or debit card.  For further details, please contact the credit union directly at (251) 316-3240.

Fraud Prevention Measures:

Just a friendly reminder that New Horizons Credit Union has a system that monitors members' accounts for possible fraud.  You may be contacted if fraud is suspected, but NHCU will never ask for personal information such as online credentials, your entire card number, account number, or social security number via email, voice, or text messaging.