VISA® Credit Cards

New Horizons Credit Union offers a credit card program designed to help our members save with an affordable fixed interest rate, no balance transfer fees, no annual fees, and earn reward points for qualifying purchases. Below is information about our various Credit Card options with their features and benefits.


Low 8.90% APR* Fixed Rate

New Horizons Visa Gold Credit Card


With our Visa® Gold program, you can also take advantage of benefits offered by Visa®  such as:
Extra Warranty Coverage: Increase the manufacturer´s warranty on most products purchased with a New Horizons Credit Union Visa® Gold.
Auto Rental Insurance: Save on most car rentals with collision coverage.
Travel & Emergency Assistance: Travel Assistance; Medical or Legal Referral; Emergency Cash or Card replacement, Lost Luggage Assistance, & More.

To learn more about these extra benefits, call 1-800-VISA-911 or go online to


Low 10.50% APR* Fixed Rate

New Horizons Credit Union offers qualifying members a branded Visa® card with great rates and benefits. 

New Horizons Classic Visa Credit Card
  • 25 Day Grace Period
  • No Annual Fee or balance transfer fees
  • Same 10.50% APR* for Cash Advances
  • Starts with a minimum credit line of $500.00
  • Credit Union (CU) Rewards Program (Earn a bonus point for each dollar you spend. Points are redeemable for gifts or travel through CURewards.
  • ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock to protect your card and identity.
  • Make convenient payments and check rewards behind Online Banking.
  • Visa Credit Card Details & Disclosure. 

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Low 10.50% APR* Fixed Rate

This credit card program is ideal for responsible members who are:  attending college or are at least legal adult age between the ages of 19-24 with a desire to establish credit and/or a need for a low limit credit card for special purposes and still earn rewards with qualifying purchases as our regular Visa® Classic program.

New Horizons Classic Visa Credit Card

  • No Annual Fee or Balance Transfer Fee
  • Earn Reward Points for qualifying new purchases
  • Applicants must be working for at least the last six months
  • Same 10.50% APR* for Cash Advances
  • Maximum credit line may be up to $1,000.00
  • ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock to protect your card and identity. 
  • Make convenient payments and check rewards behind Online Banking.
  • Visa Credit Card Details & Disclosure.

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Set Up Free Credit Card Alert Notifications

If you already have one of our credit cards, you may be interested in learning more about and signing up for ALERT NOTIFICATIONS on card activity by clicking hereWith this FREE service, you can stay informed of certain types of transactions, monitor your account to avoid fraud, and possibly avoid unwanted fees. Alerts can be sent via text or email messages. Simply click on the link above to register your card's Alert Notifications, and get started today.


Credit Card Payments, Rewards, & Other Options

Accessing your NHCU Visa® Credit Card information can be easily done behind our secure Online Banking service by clicking the Credit Card tab. There, you can retrieve your NHCU Visa® Credit Card information, reward points, set travel alerts, and view statements and payment options. However, you must be first enrolled in our free 24/7 Online Banking service. This can be done from our website - top right corner - "Enroll for Online Banking." If you need any assistance, please call (251) 316-3240.

Once enrolled in Online Banking and securely inside Online Banking, simply click on the Credit Card tab. Your initial visit to this Credit Card tab will require you to register your card information. Simply follow the steps, and your card will be registered. Then, you will have access to your card information, can make online payments, check history, check reward points, etc. To redeem your CUReward points, click on the Rewards Points area. You will be redirected to CUReward to begin redeeming points for merchandise and travel. It's that easy!

The Credit Card  information can be retrieved with any PC or Laptop.  However, some mobile devices and cell phones may not be compatible to access the Credit Card information behind Online Banking.  For this reason, a Visa® Credit Card payment/rewards button is available below to accommodate mobile devices.

*Cardholder Important Notice: Due to a scheduled update, members who may have saved our Credit Card Online Payment link as a favorite or bookmark on their device may have difficulty accessing information in the upcoming month.  If this is your case, it is because the former link has ended and a new link has started.  To resolve any connectivity issue, simply delete the favorite/bookmark and go into your Online Banking Credit Card tab to resave the link as a new favorite or bookmark as soon as possible.

Make a Credit Card Payment/Check Rewards/Other Options


GreenPath Financial Wellness Resources 

If you need the assistance of a financial coach due to credit issues - whether past or present or just need to talk to a credit expert, our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness offers our members access to a confidential Virtual Financial Coach. They can help you with free resources designed to help you improve your credit score and borrowing potential.

Lost/Stolen Card or Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

During normal business hours - to report fraudulent card charges, or a lost or stolen credit card, please contact  (251) 316-3240.

For afterhours (outside of our normal business hours) credit cardholder service, please call: (866) 820-3790.

To obtain assistance while traveling, call Visa® Assistance Center with the U.S. toll-free at 1-800-VISA-911.  Outside the U.S. call collect 1- (410) 581-9994.

Plus, if you have one of our credit cards, you may be interested in learning more about and signing up for card ALERT NOTIFICATIONS on card activity by clicking here.

We have a system that monitors your account for possible fraudulent activity. We may contact you if fraud is suspected, but NHCU will never ask for personal information such as online credentials, your entire card number, or social security number via email, voice, or text messaging.

New Visa® Credit Card Activation & PIN (Personal Identification Number)*: 

New Credit Card Activation ONLY Phone Number:  800-527-7728
New Credit Card Activation & set a PIN at the same time:
Toll Free: 800-631-3197
Outside of the U.S.: 531-262-5350
Existing already activated Credit Cards to reset PIN ONLY:
Toll Free: 888-886-0083
Outside of the U.S.: 531-262-5315

*Note: The phone number on record will be the required for verification.  Please make sure NHCU has your most current telephone/cell number on file for your Credit Card and Account. PINs are no longer mailed to help prevent fraud.


Loan Disputes and Inquiries, please write to:

New Horizons Credit Union - Disputes & Inquiries

P. O. Box 1785, Mobile, AL 36633

Or, for assistance, call:

Local 251-316-3240 or Toll-Free 1-800-824-3610

*If you ever feel you have been a victim of fraud or ID Theft, please contact your credit union or identitytheft.govNew Horizons Credit Union participates in Verified By VISA.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Additional terms, fees, and restrictions may apply. All rates subject to change. All loans are subject to credit approval. NMLS# 410405.