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New Horizons Credit Union offers Auto Loans with NO PAYMENT FOR 90 DAYS with rates as low as 1.99% APR* for up to 48 months. Now's a great time to shop for auto dealer last-year inventory deals and save with their rebates and our great rate.  Visit our Auto Loan page to print out a special certificate for participating dealers and opportunity for a $50 gift card with NHCU financed vehicles. All loans subject to credit approval. Existing NHCU loans do not qualify for refinancing. For more information on our Auto Loans click here.


New Horizons Credit Union members can get discounted services and merchandise through our partnership with the Love My Credit Union program such as ADT Home Security discounts, Turbo Tax services discounts, Travel & Retail discounts, and more!  Please note that the Sprint offer will expire on July 31, 2020 due to the Sprint & T Mobile merge.  Visit to learn more.


Protect Yourself Against Fraudsters Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus Crisis & Unsuspecting Consumers
Fraudsters are out there, and they are posing as government officials inquiring out your possible Coronavirus Stimulus Package and scamming victims out of their social security number and even asking for a "processing fee" to get your credit card or account numbers. They are using text messaging, phone calls, and emails so please be aware and do not offer your personal information.
Be aware of e-Mail phishing.  These are emails that appear to be sent from a legitimate company or person, but they are not. In most cases, the email involves an attempt for you to confirm personal information or the email is an attempt to strike fear so that you feel immediate pressure to provide information.   Other e-Mail phishing tricks involve supposedly winning a prize when you confirm your identity.  As the old saying goes, "Nothing in life is free."  And, no legitimate company or persons would need to verify your information in this form.  E-mails unless encrypted from a reliable source, are never secure.
Scammers are also pretending to be charitable organizations and special GoFundMe accounts to lure unsuspecting consumers into donating their hard earned dollars.  Please make sure to verify any charitable organization and who your donation actually benefits.  If the organization is requesting cash, gift cards, or transfers of funds directly from your account - these are warning signs to not proceed and end the call.
Just a reminder that New Horizons Credit Union has a system that monitors members' accounts for possible fraud.  You may be contacted if fraud is suspected, but NHCU will never ask for personal information such as online credentials, your entire card number, account number, or social security number via email, voice, or text messaging.  To report fraudulent charges, or a lost or stolen card during business hours, contact our Call Center at (251) 316-3240.  After hours, call (800) 449-7728.
There are many forms of social media that we use day in and day out - with friends and in doing business.  All forms of social media have their share of scams by some very creative fraud artists who can cause everything from computer viruses to ID Theft if you fall victim.
Protect yourself on social media by taking the same basic steps as you would for any other method of keeping your data safe:  Don't share with strangers, know who you are communicating with and verify their identities, be aware that scams exist, and remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it is.  
*If you ever feel you have been a victim of fraud, please contact your credit union or
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Other conditions and restrictions may apply.  Call 1-800-824-3610 for details on services, loans, and membership.