New Wave Good Grades!

New Horizons Credit Union Pays for Good Grades!

Education is the foundation for your future. New Horizons Credit Union supports the importance of working hard to get a good education. That is why we want to reward our K-12 grade members for their efforts. So, get rewarded for your hard work! Each fall and spring semester, we will draw a lucky student's name to win a New Horizons Back-Pack and $50. 


Here's how it works:

  • Program offered to our K-12 grade New Wave Saver members
  • Must have a B- average or above
  • Bring your report cards to any branch or submit via email*
  • Make sure your full name and contact information is written on your report card or attached
  • Your name will be entered into the drawing
  • Submit your fall semester (July-December) report cards by January 15
  • Submit your spring semester (January-June) report cards by July 15
  • Prize Back-Pack will be delivered to your closest branch for pick up and $50 will be deposited into your New Wave Savers Account
Enter Electronically 
  • Must be 13 years or older to submit via email to*
  • Please make sure any personal information such as social security numbers are not included or shown in any way when submitting via
    e-mail or any other unsecure online channel.*
  • Submit a copy of your report card as a JPG or PDF document, if possible.
Enter at any Branch
  • Bring your report card to any New Horizons Credit Union branch to forward to the Marketing Department to be entered into our good grade drawing.
  • Find a Branch near you
*Special Note to Members 12 years old and younger*
New Horizons Credit Union adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule  or “COPPA” that prohibits collecting any personal information online from a child under age 13. For members 12 years old and younger, please have a parent or guardian complete and submit your report card for you to OR stop by any New Horizons Credit Union branch to drop off your report card in person. If you submit via email, please remember that emails are not secure so make sure your report card does not contain social security numbers or other personal information. Thank you!